Friday, 6 February 2015

Song of the day

To be honest, I have to say that I first listened to this song at a H&M fitting room. I used Shazam to get the title and since them i havent been ablo to stop listening to Home by the american band Friends! Unfortunately they have choose a very bad name for social media and google searchs but there it is for you to enjoy!

Quick thoughts about Madonna on the bull ring

Quick thoughts about Madonna's new video

 - Looks like a vintage video: we could perfectly say it belongs to 1999 or 2001

- She is not changing her dance steps, which are her trademark

 - The curly hair Madonna's look reminds us to Sticky and Sweet first section, specially Vogue

 - Too many filters, but we are used to it since Girls Gone Wild, shes closer to 60 than 50

 - The way dancers move and the way they look bring back to mind her Secret Project

- At least she offers an elaborated message that goes further than any on Confessions, Hard Candy      and MDNA 

- Thank God she adds that Nietsze quote at the end to excuse herself from using the bull-fighting      imaginery (although she call herself an unapologetic bitch)

- Her moments smiling and dancing like a whore spoils the strenght of her battle with the bull like  dancers

- We wasnt expecting anything like this at all

- At least she gives us something different, stunning, even funny and will make young people think, even with a simple message as this one

Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Its great to see Paul McCartney mixing with new generations of artists but it's so sad to see that the result translates into a boring ordinary song like FourFiveSeconds. They have choose the less is more option but it looks like it doesnt have any appeal either for MacCartney nor Rihanna fans -not sure if West have a big fan base at all-. Anyway the remix by DJ Mustard sounds more commercial and interesting for us. Which one do you prefer?

Song of the day

Twenty Five years ago The Prodigy released their first album. We want to pay tribute bringing back to our minds Music Reach from their first album Experience.

Monday, 2 February 2015

The day after: Katy at the superbowl

Do you think Katy Perry perfomance at the Superbowl halftime has been amazing?

We would say a little yes and a big NO. And our reasons are soooo simple: Katys perfomance is more of the same thing. Of course the big lion is an amazing and colossal device but its soo slow and extatic that bored me in 5 seconds. Don't get me wrong, it would have been great if the lion had carried a great soul singer on its back and the tune had been a blowing up hit, but a lip sync show with an hideous dressed Katy Perry its not a good start from my point of view.

But anyway the featurings have been amazing: Lenny Kravitz singing Kiss a girl and a recovered Missy rapping a medley of her hits with Perry as her lapdog, repeating some of the verses, feeling herself a real MC. It has been lovely to see Missy smiling and in perfect shape after all this time.

After watching the performance several times, I came to the conclusion that its been a technically flawless show, full of color and imagination but lacking emotions, I didn't feel moved at any moment, not even thrilled or excited by her songs nor paraphernalia sorrounding her. Nothing to do with Beyonce or Madonna previous halftimes.