Saturday, 26 May 2012

100% Kylie review!

It was the first time she performed in Europe and although there was a little audience, we danced and shout to death. Lucy Holmes, "la australiana", made us believe we were at a real Kylie concert, a tiny one just with two dancers and a keyboardist. Lucy brought last night at Shangai Club in Madrid a remarkable, show were the audience were able to step back in time to meet the different Kylies of the last 12 years. The show was opened and closed by Cascales DJ who exquisitely played remixes aand B-sides by Kylie Minogue.

She features The Showgirl Tour with On A Night Like This, full of feathers and sequins, The X tour with the cheerleader outfit -delicious Wow-, the  the Olimpic Games perfomance in Sydney in 2000 where she sung Dancing Queen by Abba, or the Fever era with empowering renditions of Can't Get You Out of My Head -dressed with the white hooded gown- and In Your Eyes. 

After those magic moments she recreates The Follies Tour through the samba moment. Better The Devil You Know and Celebration was like an arrow to our hearts and Lucy looked stunning in short jeans, ripped t-shirt and the famous feathered coat. A magic moment followed by the sensuality of Slow in an special live mix.Kylie should be proud of her impersonator because,as the title of show remind us, she is 100% Kylie, singing 100% live. Lucy Holmes is a gifted artist and as well as being "the best Kylie act" she would be a great diva on her own. Congratulations Ms. Holmes.

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