Friday, 6 February 2015

Quick thoughts about Madonna on the bull ring

Quick thoughts about Madonna's new video

 - Looks like a vintage video: we could perfectly say it belongs to 1999 or 2001

- She is not changing her dance steps, which are her trademark

 - The curly hair Madonna's look reminds us to Sticky and Sweet first section, specially Vogue

 - Too many filters, but we are used to it since Girls Gone Wild, shes closer to 60 than 50

 - The way dancers move and the way they look bring back to mind her Secret Project

- At least she offers an elaborated message that goes further than any on Confessions, Hard Candy      and MDNA 

- Thank God she adds that Nietsze quote at the end to excuse herself from using the bull-fighting      imaginery (although she call herself an unapologetic bitch)

- Her moments smiling and dancing like a whore spoils the strenght of her battle with the bull like  dancers

- We wasnt expecting anything like this at all

- At least she gives us something different, stunning, even funny and will make young people think, even with a simple message as this one

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