Monday, 2 February 2015

The day after: Katy at the superbowl

Do you think Katy Perry perfomance at the Superbowl halftime has been amazing?

We would say a little yes and a big NO. And our reasons are soooo simple: Katys perfomance is more of the same thing. Of course the big lion is an amazing and colossal device but its soo slow and extatic that bored me in 5 seconds. Don't get me wrong, it would have been great if the lion had carried a great soul singer on its back and the tune had been a blowing up hit, but a lip sync show with an hideous dressed Katy Perry its not a good start from my point of view.

But anyway the featurings have been amazing: Lenny Kravitz singing Kiss a girl and a recovered Missy rapping a medley of her hits with Perry as her lapdog, repeating some of the verses, feeling herself a real MC. It has been lovely to see Missy smiling and in perfect shape after all this time.

After watching the performance several times, I came to the conclusion that its been a technically flawless show, full of color and imagination but lacking emotions, I didn't feel moved at any moment, not even thrilled or excited by her songs nor paraphernalia sorrounding her. Nothing to do with Beyonce or Madonna previous halftimes. 

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